How to layer skincare for men?

You may be reading this because you want to reduce your skincare regimen. Sometimes, less is more, especially when it comes to keeping your skin balanced. But it's also possible that you're here as someone trying to create a regime for the first time. Regardless of whether you're 15 or 45, the basic skincare routine remains the same.

Whenever you start your skincare regimen in the morning or before bed, you should start with a facial wash to clean the surface that covers your face. The cleanser, in its simplest form, removes excess oil from the skin and the inside of the pores, while removing sweat, dirt, grime and any skin care product that has been previously applied. The beauty of adding a mask to your routine is that you don't need (nor should you) use it every day. Apply the cream you like the most once or twice a week and reap the rewards while you feel like you're relaxing in a spa far, far away. There's no single formula for choosing the right skincare routine, but that doesn't mean you have to play beauty bingo to find the right products for your skin type (we promise you)).

But as I've learned through many conversations, a skincare routine for men often feels like an endless treasure hunt, with a map that's impossible to decipher. Skin care products that promote collagen production and protect the skin barrier are best for people with this type of skin. It's never too late to start the best skincare routine for men or to continue with the one you already have. I hope I can help you find the best skincare routine for you, explaining the best steps to take (and in what order), as well as some of the key ingredients to look for throughout the path.

Before you can choose the skincare routine that's right for you, it's time to have smart skin and determine what type of skin you have. After all, this is a skincare routine, and you get these habits because they're good for you, not because you magically look like Lee Pace or Henry Golding. Now that you've put aside your extremely simple skincare routine, another fairly easy step to protect your money is to change those pillowcases.