How Many Skincare Products Should You Use? Expert Advice on the Right Amount

Experts agree that 3 to 4 products should be enough for a daily skincare routine. However, many of us are guilty of using more. The order of application is very important, and you can't just rely on your moisturizer with SPF. It's essential to know how much product to use for each skin care category and the best way to apply it.

When it comes to skincare, one ounce is enough to fill a shot glass on exposed areas of the face and body; a tablespoon the size of a five-penny coin on the face alone. You can use 5 products and have all hell if they all have rich textures. The rich textures are very hydrating, but they can also clog pores. If you have several problems (for example, wrinkles and acne), look for multipurpose products that can treat both. When it comes to toner, micellar water and essences, many people use cotton balls or reusable cloths to apply them, “but a lot of product is lost with the applicator,” warns dermatologist Dr.

Hartman. For dry skin days, opt for a “mineral milk” soap (one of the Dead Sea products you can find cheaply in shopping malls).As a general rule, Hartman says that “the amount of product you use as a mask should be enough to cover a thin layer of your face. Unlike most other skin care products, there is no fixed amount for masks, as they usually vary depending on the specific product. Welcome to excessive skin care, where congested skin, persistent dry areas, and sudden acne breakouts on your face are signs that you might be consuming too many products. At this point, most people have a general idea of what skin care products they should include in their daily regimen.

Add additional products when your skin needs them, not when the same skincare product appears all over your Instagram feed (if that's what happens, the brand pays for those mentions). But using 3 scrubs in the same skincare routine, as seen more and more often? That's causing irritation. To help you get the most out of your skincare routine, dermatologists Dr. Hartman, Dr. Michele Green and Dr.

Hadley King offer their best advice on how much product you should use for each skin care category and the best way to apply it.