Mixing Skincare Brands: Is it Okay to Use Different Products Everyday?

For optimal results, it is recommended to use products from a single skin care line. However, you can mix and match them if you wish. Whether you choose to mix skincare brands or stick with just one, make sure your routine is easy, simple, and enjoyable. Check out our guide to creating a quick and fast skincare routine.

As a general rule, only introduce a new product into your routine after two weeks. If you think the product may irritate your skin, take a step back. While some types of products (such as retinoids or AHAs) may cause irritation at first, it's not necessarily a sign that the product is doing something good for you. Therefore, it is best to consult a dermatologist for guidance.

Yes, I definitely use different products for day and night. I like to use my heaviest products, oils and those that are more hydrating at night. It helps my skin to actually absorb moisture. Although I admit that sometimes I use the wrong products for my skin.

I just read that it's good and I say, “Oh yes, I need it too” and they're good for my skin. We recommend that you do not use more than two facial serums per routine. Again, alternating skin care items is a strategy in this case. If you have a lot of serums that you like, use one or two in your morning routine and two different serums at night.

Of course, it's okay to use the same serum constantly, but by alternating it you can use a lot of different serums effectively. When you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you might find that some skin care products are no longer available to you for safety reasons. Using ineffective or simply the wrong products can cause irritation, dryness or breakouts, such as when acne-prone people use products that are too aggressive that strip moisture and lipids from the skin. Products like these leave skin sensitive to UV rays, which means you should use a good sunscreen during the day, but it also means that you don't use these products during the day or risk further damaging your skin.

While 15 may seem like a lot, it's not uncommon for South Koreans, the current leaders of skincare addiction, to put in between ten and twelve products a day. In addition, as a cleanser, a first cleansing, be it cleansing oil or balm, is good for removing the dirt of the day and leaving the skin cleaner and fresher, ready to absorb the products that follow. In the case of vitamin C, for example, it inhibits the production of the pigment melanin, which takes longer. And that estimate is based on the assumption that you use the product consistently at least once a day; he explains which probably won't happen if you regularly change it for other things.

If you also switch from one retinoid to other acne products on different days, you may not notice any changes for a longer time. The other thing I faced when I started experimenting with skin care was how different textures could affect when I used certain skin care products. Welcome to the world of skincare where congested skin, persistent dry areas and sudden acne breakouts on your face are signs that you might be using too many products. You might be wondering why I do this or if it's because I have all this variety of skincare products, making me have a different set of skincare products for day and night.