Do Girls Like Guys With Skincare Routines?

Having healthy, glowing skin is a sign of vitality and overall health, and it's no surprise that women find it attractive in men. Studies have shown that a person's facial appearance can have a huge impact on how we perceive them. While soap and water are the bare minimum for skin care, many people spend a lot of money to maintain their faces, only to be labeled as “gay”. I personally just use sunscreen and sometimes moisturizer, as my face is usually moisturized enough. That being said, I do take note of whether a guy has nice skin or not.

The purpose of skin care products is to keep the skin healthy, not the products themselves. Acne and overly greasy or dry skin are major turn-offs for me. I don't usually ask what products someone uses, but I'm sure other women feel the same way. In Europe, around 20% of young people and adults have skin care routines. My friends have lots of products to make their skin look “glowing”.

Some products that women use can also be used by men, although I don't know the names. Here, girls care a lot about boys wearing these products. The data suggests that not all men are reliable when it comes to having a daily skincare routine. Younger guys are particularly prone to skipping out on skincare, and boys aged 18-24 don't even wash their faces daily! Guys, now that you know it's important to know your skin type before investing in skin care products, you need to be aware of what ingredients and product descriptions to look for. Pale-skinned men can also safely achieve a darker complexion if they spray tan for men and eat certain foods.