Is it feminine to have a skincare routine?

It's important to recognize that self-care and grooming are not inherently gender-related activities, and everyone should feel empowered to look after their physical appearance in a way that makes them feel safe and comfortable. Based on accumulated surveys and statistics on male beauty, it is observed that men have a simpler skin care routine compared to women's long list of products. It's quite difficult to find men who actually have a solid skincare routine because they don't moisturize it regularly. In the current era, skin care for men is still generally considered a “feminine theme”, along with beauty and makeup. There are many toners to choose from, but the main importance of a toner in women's skincare routine is to balance the skin's pH, as they tend to have a higher pH than men's.

As mentioned, women's skin care products tend to be more complex and rich in texture, for example, in moisturizers. You must have found the separate men's and women's skincare section, where men look completely black and male, while women are more colorful and spacious to choose from. But what exactly is wrong with men who want to count their macros and shave their eyebrows? If British men are now entering an epidemic of personal care and wellbeing, can there be no doubt that this can only be positive? If fitness is acceptable for men, why not skincare?? We've seen growing popularity among male beauty bloggers and vloggers, such as James Welsh, Robin James and Manny MUA, who are incredible at educating their audience about skincare and even makeup. In addition to these gender-specific issues, other skincare ingredients, for both men and women, are mostly similar.

I always recommend, even the most ardent who reject male skin care, to try using a quality moisturizer and facial cleanser every day for just two weeks.