Why Men Need Different Skincare Products

Men and women have different skin types, and this difference in skin composition, according to Dr. Sheila Nazarian, may make the need for different products necessary. Men tend to have thicker, oilier skin and denser hair growth, while women have less fluff but thinner, drier skin. Because men produce twice as much sebum as women, their skin naturally looks greasy and shinier.

This makes skin more acidic and more prone to acne than female skin. Because of this fatty layer, adult men are less likely to suffer from dry skin than adult women. Skin care products for women tend to focus more on hydration to compensate for lower sebum production in women. In addition, women's products contain scrubs, soothing ingredients and anti-aging ingredients. Men's skin care products contain retinol, which helps accumulate collagen in skin tissues. In addition, specific products for men are usually fragrance-free.

Females tend to have thinner layers of skin than males, who tend to lose moisture faster and are more susceptible to sun damage. Their products are formulated to meet these needs. Before choosing any skin care product for use, there are certain things to consider. The best thing to do is to base your skincare routine based on your skin type and specific concerns, rather than relying on gender-sensitive skin care products. The truth is that women's skin care products contain active ingredients that can also work for men.

Investing in products designed specifically for men can help you achieve the best results for your skincare routine.