Is skincare for men different?

Products for men often have active ingredients such as menthol and peppermint to help refresh and calm the skin after shaving. In addition, because men's skin is usually oilier, the products also contain ingredients such as clay to help control shine and oil production.

The best thing to do is to base your skincare routine on your skin type and specific concerns, rather than relying on gender-sensitive skin care products.

While women bought rich creams and miraculous skin care potions packaged luxuriously, men sold variants of multipurpose products for ostentatious applications. So how does this affect the approach to skincare? Well, thicker skin generally means lower sensitivity and greater tolerance to potent ingredients.

Aside from that, the ingredients in skin care products for men and women are often the same, according to Dr. It's not uncommon to walk around pharmacies to see that there is a clear disparity between skin care products for men and women.